Watch your vehicle repair progress

Click on the Autowatch button to view your auto repair progress.  Autowatch photos are intended to supplement our regular status updates via text messages or phone calls. We typically post photos to Autowatch every afternoon.

If you have questions about your repair, please call or text us.  


What is my Vehicle ID number?

Your Vehicle ID number is sent to you via text message once we begin posting photos to Autowatch.  Please let us know if you didn’t receive it or if it isn’t working.

Why is my car always pictured in the same spot?

Our parking lot and shop are organized into departments.  Based on where your vehicle is in the repair process, it is always parked in that department so our team knows where to find it.  All vehicles are moved in and out of the shop each day.  For larger repairs, it may take days to complete structural repairs with your vehicle on one of our frame machines. 

How long does it take for the insurance company to approve your repair plan?

After we disassemble your vehicle and identify all the damage, your insurance company has up to 3 business days to approve our repair plan. It is not uncommon for it to take even longer to get insurance approval.

Why can you order parts without insurance approval, but not start repairs?

In order to expedite repair time, we may order parts prior to obtaining insurance approval or before your actual appointment date.

Why did you take parts off my car that aren’t damaged?

To properly repair your vehicle according to manufacturer specifications, we are often required to remove parts that may not seem related to the damage. Please call us for a detailed explanation.

Why is or isn’t my car covered?

If your car has had any glass or doors removed, we will use a plastic covering to protect the interior of your vehicle.  If the plastic covering is not pictured, we are actively working on your vehicle or in the process of moving it in/out of our shop.  

When will my car be done?

We cannot provide an accurate estimate of completion until the insurance company approves our complete repair plan, all parts have arrived, and all sublet work is scheduled with the outside vendor (alignment, calibration, glass, etc.). We will keep you updated throughout the repair process and always do our best to expedite repairs.

Learn about our Repair Process here.